Chair Statements
Chair Statements

Applications for Chair (2 applicants)

Applicant 1 – Donna Briant

Applicant 2 – Dave Tingle

Please see candidate statements below.

Applicant 1 Donna Briant
Donna Briant

Please accept my application for the position of Chair of Old Bexley and Sidcup CLP, a role I was elected to at the 2019 AGM. I joined the Labour Party in 1979 as a Young Socialist, at the age of 15, and have held positions within the party structures locally and nationally campaigning for Labour to win at elections to improve our communities:

1986-2006 Bexley Councillor Thamesmead East
1992 General Election Labour Candidate Old Bexley and Sidcup
2019 – Unison Steward, Vice Chair HE Greenwich

The last 20 months have been a roller coaster locally and across the world due to the Pandemic. When I was elected Chair, with the elected executive officers, it was with the intention to bring a keen sense of energy and enthusiasm to go into the 2019 General Election and to put forward the Labour Party and our policies. The national result was disappointing, although locally we can be proud of our campaign that we fought to maximise the vote for our Labour candidate, David Tingle.

As Chair, I look forward to continuing to ensure our party is open to all our members and is a welcoming environment to enable full political discussion in a positive and inclusive manner. I will continue to run the meetings in the friendly and transparent way that I have done over the last 20 months (when we have been able to) and will encourage members to take part at every level and to continually promote fairness and equality.

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Applicant 2 David Tingle
David Tingle

Do you want to make a difference in OBS? Do you also want a nice, calm, welcoming atmosphere? So do I.

As the candidate in 2019, we door knocked & did more leaflet runs than ever before. I was also one of the founder members of recent successful campaigns such as ‘Feed Bexley Kids’ (feeding many hundreds of local children) and ‘Save Blackfen Library’ (which is ongoing). We’ve got the Tories talking about libraries every day and shifting cuts away from Blackfen Library but they’ve increased cuts in other areas. This campaign needs to continue as the remit of the Labour councillors.

In OBS, we have an abundance of experienced, skilled & keen campaigners (including previous national union presidents) but unfortunately we aren’t campaigning on localised issues. We need to set up a sophisticated, localised, rapid response system (which helped some candidates in the UK go from fourth to first). We need to agree, in advance, which topics we can campaign on with Labour councillors to avoid weeks of delays. We are an affluent constituency therefore we cannot just rely on national messaging to be successful here.

As chair, I’ll engage new members with exciting new events and I’ll robustly defend anyone who feels excluded or bullied in any way. I don’t think factionalism should play a part in CLP politics. Always vote for what you truly believe best rather than just who you’ve been told to vote for and I will defend your right to do that.

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Vice Chair Statements
Vice Chair Statements

Applications for Vice-Chair (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Dave Lovelace

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Dave Lovelace
Dave Lovelace

Can you please accept this email as my application to be put forward for vice chair of old Bexley and Sidcup , having been chair I feel that my experience will serve me well in supporting the Chair whomever that may be. I look forward to presenting a summary of my experience on the night if needed .
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Vice-Chair Membership statements
Vice-Chair Membership statements

Applications for Vice-Chair membership (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Daniel Jenkins

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins

I am putting myself forward for this role as I am keen to become more actively involved in the local CLP since first joining the party in 2015. I have previously been actively involved in the 2017 General Election and stood as a candidate in the 2018 Local Elections and have developed an understanding of how the CLP functions during that time. I appreciate the importance of the role the Membership Secretary plays in recruiting new members and providing them with a welcoming environment, whilst also ensuring existing members are retained. The Labour Party is a broad church, attracting progressively minded people across the political spectrum, a fact that should be embraced as the CLP looks to expand its membership.

I have previously served on the committee of Charlton Invicta FC, a LGBT+ friendly football club based in South East London. As part of my role, I was actively involved in recruiting new members to the club and helped to expand the club membership to become more established during my five years serving on the committee. I would apply my previous experience serving on the club committee to the role of Membership Secretary to ensure the CLP is an exciting, welcoming, and diverse environment for both new and existing members.
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Secretary statements
Secretary statements

Applications for Secretary (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Anashua Davies

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Anashua Davies
Anashua Davies

Please accept my application for Secretary. I have been a member for 13 years and have held this post since 2018. The Secretary’s post is an administrative post, ensuring meetings take place and supporting the Chair in organising agenda items, recording minutes and arranging guest speakers. I’m also responsible for CLP messaging.

The Labour party has been through a lot of change in recent years and I have steered the party through the process of running leadership, general, local and internal elections. I am always prepared, paperwork issued on time and kept members up to date. The role is increasingly dependent on technology and as Secretary, I embrace the doors this opens up for us, championing Doorstep and Telephone platforms. As an agent of the party, members can be confident that our CLP is in safe hands and will not fall into disrepute either with the National Party or at a local level.

I hope for your support once more, the role is demanding (sometimes taking up 20 hours a week), but I think I can confidently say my reward is knowing the Chair and other officers are able to do their jobs well, because of my support. Finally, my main desire is to keep this CLP lively, friendly and inclusive and build on the great work Old Bexley & Sidcup CLP have done in engaging members through local campaigning, social media, street stalls and holding the local Tories to account.
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Treasurer statements
Treasurer statements

Applications for Treasurer (2 applicants)

Applicant 1 – Munir Malik

Applicant 2 – Steve Perfect

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Munir Malik
Munir Malik

Munir Malik, former Chartered Accountant FCA, with senior level experience in both the private and public sectors. I have been trained to the highest level for this role and have a reputation of fearlessly challenging vested interest. I am offering all that for the voluntary service of my local CLP.

As Treasurer my main responsibilities will be:

  • Keep accurate financial records throughout the year
  • Produce Annual Statement of Accounts for year ending 31 December and report on after-date events to AGM
  • Keep an eye on donations and report them to head office, as required.

My objectives as a treasurer will be to:

  • Keep up to date records and report quarterly, if not monthly, to our General Meeting and Executive Committee
  • Ensure that signatories on all bank accounts held by the CLP are current officers.
  • The Annual Statement of Accounts will be prepared and approval sought from the CLP General Meeting in the first quarter of the following year and forwarded to the Governance and Legal Unit by 30 April.
  • Ensure that a copy of the annual accounts are sent to the Electoral Commission by 30 April, if appropriate.
  • Ensure that CLP’s auditors, appointed at the AGM, audit the accounts before they are approved by the General Meeting.

The Executive should unite the CLP, running it efficiently, using all talent, as what unites us is far greater than what divides us. Increasing our capacity to serve our community, fight for their rights and services, win elections and get the Tories out.
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Applicant 2 Steve Perfect
Steve Perfect

I have been a member of the Labour Party for around 40 years. As I reach retirement, I feel that it is time I made a greater contribution to the Labour Party. Consequently, I’m putting my name forward to be the Treasurer of the constituency.

For the last 30 years of my professional life I have worked in Finance. Currently, I am the Director of Finance & Controlling at DOKA UK and have a wealth of experience in this role and have also held the role HR Director for many years. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and an MBA with the Open University. I hope you will consider me for this position.

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Policy Officer Statements
Policy Officer Statements

Applications for Policy Officer (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Claire Hedderman

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Claire Hedderman
Claire Hedderman

Claire Hedderman is local government manager for Greenwich Council in Business, Employment and Skills team with over 20 years’ experience managing and developing frontline and outreach services for councils Employment Service and Job Brokerage service, led on resident consultation on service provision, proven skills in developing funded partnership projects with community groups and delivering initiatives to support young people, people with disabilities, older workers, people with autism or learning difficulties, long term unemployed access council services, skill opportunities and employment.

Broad knowledge of Labour Policy initiatives and new initiatives. Worked on London Living Wage Campaign in Greenwich, Community Wealth Building Policies, Public Health initiatives for people with long term health conditions or disabilities, projects aimed at homeless and migrants. Delivered on opportunities for young people including skills, work experience and apprenticeships, tackling gang affiliation.

Specifically interested in new policies supporting Green Deal and Climate Action, development of Co-operatives Social Enterprises, and Community Wealth Building, ongoing Public Health Initiatives, Housing equality, Health and Social Care and implications on Brexit for Economy, Business and Trade and Social inclusion Would like to work for OBS CLP to provide a useful link to Labour Party Regional National Policy Forum, keep local members up to date and support members to get involved in policy making process. Can provide communications and updates to facilitate member involvement and understanding of current policy making developments and formulate policy submissions on issues that are important to OBS CLP and our communities.
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Women's Officer

Applications for Women’s Officer (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Teresa Gray

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Teresa Gray
Teresa Gray

My experience as Women’s officer in OBS CLP has been a truly positive one. I am delighted to have been the facilitator of a burgeoning forum of both debate and action in the women’s group. We have enjoyed outside speakers and outings, as well as informal debate through our WhatsApp. It is encouraging to see more women interested in serving within the CLP too, and a joy to have a new bookclub to bring more of us together. Should I continue as Women’s officer, I would seek to foster these developments further, but also lead the group to more activity in the community and election campaigns. The latter has already begun with OBS women taking part in telephone canvassing in support of our candidate for the GLA, Stefano Borella.

The Parliamentary Labour Party consisting of more women than men; one might argue the 50/50 campaign has been won at a national level . It’s one thing to win the war however, and another to maintain the peace. I’m looking to invite female MPs to come and talk in our CLP to debate what has been achieved, what remains to be achieved and what needs to be maintained. I would also hope to establish some practical ways in which we can support the work of labour Women MPs. Most of all however, I hope to see the many ideas I have heard from female CLP members for action on race, poverty and other issues turn into our own plan of attack.

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BAME Officer Statements
BAME Officer Statements

Applications for BAME officer (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Shakira Martin

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Shakira Martin
Shakira Martin

I have over 5 years’ experience campaigning on a national and local level for social justice and the inequality of BAME people. I was formally the president of the National Union of Students (2017-2019), being the first Black woman to hold the role and the second to have come from a further education background.

During my time at NUS I organised a protest against UKIP, fought against the implementation of the racist Prevent agenda in universities and Colleges, oversaw the report on the Black Attainment Gap and stood shoulder to shoulder with comrades on the streets in support of Black Lives Matter and against police brutality.

As a young black woman myself I have had to overcome challenges and obstacles to be where I am today. By returning back to education I found my voice through my students union and realised that politics is a way of life and I had a duty to do my part to make the world and society a better place for my children and the generations after me.

It’s through overcoming adversity, political education and my activism and campaigning that has allowed me to understand the importance of being a civic citizen and tackling the inequalities in education and society that prevents many people from BAME communities from succeeding in education and the workplace.

As BAME officer I would bring more community cohesion by working across faith and culture to celebrating the diversity of different cultures we have across the borough.

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Disability Officer
Disability Officer

Applications for Disability officer (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Ahmad Brooks

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Ahmad Brooks
Ahmad Brooks

Hello, my name is Ahmad Brooke, and I would like to be nominated for the position of the Disability Officer for Old Bexley & Sidcup Labour. My rationale for this is that I worked for the last couple years as a learning support assistant in supported learning settings for disabled students aged 16-25 with a wide range of needs.


The work I have done with these students has enabled me to gain access to a lot of different resources and contacts with the education and health industry, where I gained a wealth of knowledge relating to disabilities and where I have learnt the current issues facing people with those needs.

Currently the local council and national government does not represent people with disabilities in the proper context. Like many of us I believe that my knowledge and understanding can better help inform our local party about the issues related to disabilities and opportunities to further their cause locally.

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LGBT Officer statements
LGBT Officer statements

Applications for LGBT Officer (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Stef Borella

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Stef Borella
Stef Borella

As an out and proud gay man , it is important we remember the battles won to achieve equality for the LGBTQ+ community , but there is still unacceptable phobic abuse aimed at members of our community and the fight goes on for a more just and equal society. Please consider my reinstatement as LGBT officer.

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TULO Officer Statements
TULO Officer Statements

Applications for TULO Officer (3 applicants – including 1 job share proposal)

Applicant 1 – Richard Crook

Applicant 2 – Antonia Bance (job share with Jay Zilik)

Applicant 3 – Jay Zilik (job share with Antonia Bance)

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Richard Crook
Richard Crook

I would like to nominate myself for the role of Trade Union Liaison Officer (TULO) for our Old Bexley & Sidcup CLP. I enjoyed being OBS TULO previously as I do like liaising with other Unions and keeping our CLP Members up to date. More recently I have been involved with my Union’s `CWU in Sky’ Member recruitment project in Leeds and Acton. I also took part in the NEU actions in Bexleyheath and the Bexley Refuse Workers Strike a little while back. Last week, I attended a couple of the GMB British Gas Engineers’ protests against the new `STOP Fire & Rehire’ policy in our OBS CLP area, at Cray Road.

Also, as I am still a member of the Greenwich & Bexley Trade Union Council, I continue to have many good contacts with other Trade Union Councils across the capital. As do many other people, I believe that there is a real threat that this tory government will be using the economic impact of Covid-19, and indeed Brexit, as an excuse to try and degrade UK Workers’ Rights, including pay, pensions and working conditions. We must be ready to join in the fight back against government actions that are looking to downgrade any UK Workers’ Rights. Across our area especially.

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Applicant 2 Antonia Bance
Antonia Bance

I’d like to stand for the Trade Union Liaison Officer post, as a jobshare with Jay Zilik.

Union experience: I’ve been a Unite member for 19 years, and have served as both a union rep and branch secretary. Since 2015, I have been head of campaigns and communications for the TUC, working for our first female general secretary, Frances O’Grady. This has put me at the heart of the union movement – leading the campaign against the trade union act and winning big concessions; fighting for a Brexit deal that protects jobs and rights; helping win the furlough scheme that supported the livelihoods of nine million families.

Labour experience: I’ve been a Labour activist for more than twenty years. I’ve been a councillor, local authority cabinet member and PPC. I put five years of my life into making sure Oxford East stayed Labour in 2010. I have campaigned at elections in Westminster North, Southampton and Reading, and at byelections around the country. I moved to Bexley in summer 2019, with a newborn. Now she’s two, I can get more involved in the party again.

What I want to do in the role: with Jay, I want to help build links between local union branches and the CLP, find ways to show practical solidarity with local disputes, and create political education opportunities by inviting union speakers.

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Applicant 3 Jay Zilik
Jay Zilik

Many of you know me already and those who don’t my name is Jay Zilik and I am currently a Trade Union Liaison Officer known as TULO at your CLP Old Bexley and Sidcup. I work for the 5th largest union Usdaw as an Area Organiser and I have always been involved in fighting for justice and equality in society as I am a strong believer that everyone should be treated with respect and that in unity is strength and weak in the society should always be protected.

I would like to job share this time with Antonia Bance who is Head of Campaigns, Communications and Digital at TUC as we agreed that would be beneficial for OBS and I would be very grateful if you would vote for me once more.

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Political Education Officer Statements
Political Education Officer Statements

Applications for Political Education Officer (1 applicant)

Applicant 1 – Shakira Martin

Please see candidate statement below.

Applicant 1 Shakira Martin
Shakira Martin

As a qualified teacher with specialist training in the lifelong learning context, I understand the power that education has to transform lives. During my time at NUS I worked MP’s and sector leaders to improve access, quality, and the student experience in post-16 education across the UK can campaigned alongside politicians on both a national and locally scale.

I led a national demonstration for free education and gave a keynote at the TUC 150 anniversary and Tolpuddle. and campaigned against Brexit in the referendum, I worked closing with Gordon Marsden to bring back EMA and with Angela Rayner on the National Education Service. My time as national representative at NUS I have gained knowledge around political education working closely with a number of Union leaders Frances’ O’Grady, Sally Hunt, Kevin Courtney, Roger McKenzie

My life has been changed by access to education and training so I know first-hand the social and economic power that it can have. Leaving school at 16 with a handful of GCSE’s, I re-entered learning as an adult learner through Lewisham and Southwark College. Years. Because of learning and political education, I’ve been able to challenge what’s possible for a working class Black woman from South East London. But I shouldn’t be the exception to the rule. That’s why I have made a life-long commitment to making sure that political education is given to every students and young person in the UK as it plays a transformative role in creating a more equal and prosperous society.

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